JLo and Tamara Falcó: abs are all the rage among celebrities


Jennifer López has one of the most impressive physicists on the international scene. JLo boasts 50 years of an incredible and enviable great guy. Something that the American singer has achieved based on physical sacrifices and food.

On the one hand, it is common for the artist to suffer in New York to post images and videos on her Instagram account in which she is seen exercising in the gym. On some occasions, she has even been accompanied by her sentimental partner, former baseball player Álex Rodríguez.

Jennifer López boasts abs

On the other, the celebrity follows a healthy and, above all, balanced menu. Diets prepared by the best nutritionists in the world. And it is that JLo is not put in the hands of anyone.

It is commented on networks and forums, however, that Jennifer would also have gone through the operating room to retouch some parts of her body. They ensure that excess fat has been removed and the skin has been stretched to prevent wrinkles that mark the passage of time.

It should be said that Jennifer wears a very youthful face and that there is no sign of her pregnancy. And this can only be the result of the occasional passage through the operating room. But it should also be noted that afterward it must be maintained. And that much retouching is done in the surgeon, the results disappear if you do not work.

Others accuse her of pulling Photoshop too often to retouch her photographs. Especially in images like the one we share below. A photo that appears showing off an impressive abdominal area.

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Relaxed and recharged. ?

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Jennifer Lopez gets competition

Whether real or not, it seems that JLo has come out a competitor in boasting abs. This is Tamara Falcó, who posed like this on the network recently. The winner of MasterChef Celebrity looks JLo with a bikini and with a physical appearance that has caused a fire among her fans on social networks.

Some, however, as with JLo, suspect that the photo has a trick. “Surgeon or Photoshop ?” They ask on the net.