The inn of Georgina Rodríguez to JLo in an elevator


Georgina Rodríguez is one of the fashionable women since her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo became official. From that precise moment, her fame and reputation shot up to unsuspected limits. To the point where she is today, where everything she does and says is closely followed by countless cameras. A pressure that, however, she loves.

And Argentina does everything possible to keep talking about it. Haute couture dresses, the most sensual inns, millionaire whims, unspeakable secrets … everything makes ‘Gio’ protagonist with each passing day, and has a wide legion of fans. Some followers, who are counted by millions, who try to please on a daily basis.

How? Well, in the best way she knows how to do: raising the temperature with very ‘hot’ images. Or other more moderate, but always with its beauty and sensuality as cover. Like this one, in which it appeared in an elevator, and wishing good night to all who saw the capture. And her dress, marking her waist and curves, gave much to talk about.

Many, seeing the muscles of her legs and waist, dared to ensure that ‘Gio’ reminded them of the best Jennifer Lopez. Anyway, with a miniskirt of this type, it was clear that the woman from the start of Juventus in Turin was going to paralyze the planet. And indeed, it was, because for several hours there was no talk of anything else.

People give up on her

In the comments of the ‘post’, there were endless compliments, and few, if not almost none, criticism. Rodriguez is breaking it.

“The thing about this girl is a fairy story,” “Georgina deserves all the good things that are happening to her,” “It’s divine,” or “I remember JLO, but I keep the American,” he said.