Bella Hadid shows her wet body as she leaves the shower in Paris

On the occasion of Fashion Week, Bella Hadid has arrived in Paris, ready to parade and become part of her natural habitat.

After giving all her followers a good scare using a mouth cover to prevent the coronavirus – as more and more cases have been filed in Europe – the model has now decided to presume how much consent is taken before boarding the catwalk.

“Recharging in the dream place of Paris,” Hadid wrote in her Instagram post, where she presumes her stay at the Dior Institute with about three daring photos.

While in the first one she shows her bare and wet chest above the bathrobe, in the second she decided to do a total topless and outwit censorship by covering her chest with one hand, using the other to shoot the photograph.

The American, which has positioned itself as one of the most important models of recent times, managed to cause great fury with its publication, which will surely be overcome when it shows the surprises that fashion week will bring to her.