Dragon Ball Super: Broly, The Final Clash In A Fantastic Fanart


Goku, Vegeta, and Broly: no one is missing, in this fantastic fanart dedicated to the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and which celebrates the final clash between the Saiyans.

About a year after its arrival in cinemas around the world, Dragon Ball Super: Broly continues to be talked about. It was certainly an important film, having made the characters of Gogeta and Broly canonical. Today we return to talk about it on the occasion of a fanart.

The fantastic fanart that we report a little further on celebrates the final confrontation of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, with Goku and Vegeta, committed to keeping up with the Legendary Super Saiyan. They have not yet merged into the powerful Gogeta, and therefore are joining forces in an attempt to stem the overwhelming force of the opponent. The original and curious detail of this work, created by ruto830, is the perspective, which focuses on Vegeta’s gaze and point of view.

Here is the image, shown a little further down the article. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is currently available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray, and also in digital format. A new season for the Dragon Ball Super anime, however, has been waiting for too long: will it ever be announced by Toei Animation?