Natti Natasha neglected and the blazer let her out: the halo was out!


The Natti Natasha is a bomb in itself. In a few weeks, she released two musical successes and in an incredible way, she gathered millions of views on all platforms. But this photo uncovered it unintentionally!

Slowly and you are killing me are the two new songs that  Natti Natasha added to her credit.

She presented them at the Lo Nuestro awards and caused a furor among her colleagues and the viewers behind the screen.

Now, Natti Natasha has uploaded an image to her official Instagram account, with a very beautiful, elegant and vintage style. 

The publication added more than 250 thousand likes but most surprisingly, almost a thousand comments. Why?

Zoom to the two of them and you can see it: its thousands of followers let him know that her blazer was treacherous and showed more under the garment. Mommy!