PS5, Sony Also Registered The Logo In Japan


Sony has also registered the PS5 logo in Japan, taking another small step towards the presentation of its new console.

Sony has registered the logo of SS5 in Japan. It is a small step, however essential, to get to the official presentation of the hardware. Moreover, it is unimaginable that someone tries to steal such a famous logo.

Unfortunately, the information is scarce, in the sense that the registration of the PS5 logo was not accompanied by the dissemination of new details on the console. We must, therefore, continue to wait for Sony to tell us when it will show it in public.

Sony is receiving some criticism because of its reluctance to reveal PS5. Probably a part of the fan base feels pressured by the numerous information that officially emerged on the Xbox Series X, such as that on the power of 12 teraFLOPS.

In reality, there is little to worry about. Let’s imagine that PS5 will be presented in due course and all the relevant information will obviously be provided. Moreover, the launch is scheduled for the end of 2020, so in a few months, we will surely know everything that marketing needs the right time … Provided that the coronavirus does not take its hand.