What horror Jennifer Aniston refuses to show her hands! See why she does it


The red carpet is the place where great celebrities are interviewed in-depth, however, Jennifer does not agree and when asked to show her hands she decides to do this. 

Jennifer Joanna Aniston or better known as Jennifer Aniston is a 51-year-old American actress who has managed to steal the hearts of all her fans with her unique and incomparable talent.

Aniston has been a participant in several films and series, among them we highlight: “Friends”, “The morning show”, “Molloy”, “How to kill your boss”, “Living with my ex”, “A reason to live”, “They say out there,” among others.

In addition, Aniston has been characterized as a free and independent woman and at this stage of life, she has no descendants. The audiovisual material that we will talk about today is quite controversial since Aniston has refused to show her hands on the red carpet.

This fact occurred while a journalist asked Jennifer certain questions and at one time and another urged him to show her hands to what Jennifer answered a resounding no.

The audiovisual material we are talking about has no comments from the fans of the actress. Another curious fact of Anniston is that she has starred in great controversies with her feet as they have been heavily criticized, Poor Aniston!