Becky G, Paulina… When sometimes going through the surgeon is not the best idea


As Becky G knows, taking into account that she has also done so, there are many celebrities who go to the plastic surgeon to get a touch-up. In addition, in recent years it is increasingly common for very young women to do so.

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What a few years ago was ‘reserved’ for women of a certain age who sought to continue having a more youthful image, now it has expanded to all ages. Kylie Jenner is the best example of that.

However, as many also know well, operations and touch-ups do not always end as well as they should. We have seen cases like those of Courteney Cox or Renée Zellwegger that have derived even in mockery on social networks.

Paulina Rubio destroys her face

And one of those who can now join this new club is Paulina Rubio. The Mexican singer had not appeared in public for a while until recently she did it on a television show in Miami.

And she left many with her mouth open. Among other things because, as many says, “his face was not normal.” Paulina had to go to the surgeon a few days before to look great on camera, but the result was not as expected.

As we can see in the images, it is clear that the touch-ups have left her face “swollen” and even, as one of her haters points out perhaps in an exaggerated, “deformed” way.

Of course, seeing how good the Mexican had, she must be delighted with her new face. Some tweaks that, surely, over time will lose volume and your face will be “more normal” again. We will see.