Katy Perry, on the beach and without complexes to criticism


Katy Perry fails to remove the cameras from behind even if she tries. Something that is a dream for many, but a nightmare for others. Because fame is a double-edged sword, which brings very positive, but also negative things. Money, prestige, reputation, love, admiration, support … everything seems to be good factors from ignorance.

However, it also brings many misfortunes, as many celebrities have claimed. Hate, envy, harassment, persecutions, insecurity, stress, fear and many other things. And the American singer is one of the people who has spoken louder in order to curb all the excitement it raises. Because she would also like to be calm one day, knowing that there is no one to record it.

Something as normal and ordinary as going to the beach, for her it is very complicated. Because from all angles there are cameras recording it, and waiting for something to happen to it. And the last time they got it, you can’t say that it is precisely favored.

This can be seen with the naked eye in the image, which shows stretch marks, cellulite, and other imperfections. Katy has given up taking care of herself as she did before, and now she dedicates herself to enjoying life without thinking about it. She likes her or her fans like her less, it’s how she seems happier. And we must applaud this naturalness and dismiss so many demanding criticisms by the physicist.

The absence of Photoshop, key

Obviously, many also assured that Photoshop shows when it is not. And they say Perry has been abusing him for quite some time …

“This is the truth of many celebrities, sadly”, “I have dropped a myth, and I thought it was natural” or “And to know that of other artists who have not yet looked like this” was read in comments. But in any case, Katy has no complexes and is shown as she is. A naturalness that must be applauded before such empty aesthetic criticism.