The complaint of Natti Natasha for which she appears with this face


Natti Natasha fans have had a good scare this week. And not just them. Also, any user who has ever passed through her Instagram account. And it is that the artist of the Dominican Republic has hung some images in which she showed an extremely worrying and terrifying aspect.

We refer to the publication we share below, in which girl includes the aforementioned snapshot, and that has caused more than one to ask “What happened to you?”. A photo in which it appears with wounds on the lip and nose, and with the black eye.

But don’t worry, don’t panic. Luckily Natti is fine. It is simply the image that the artist looks in the video clip of the theme You are killing me that she took recently, in which she reflects and denounces gender violence.

Worrying situation

Something necessary for all those women not so fortunate that they suffer daily mistreatment by their sentimental partners, both physical and psychological. An evil that unfortunately remains in force and increases every day around the world.

Without going any further, in Spain there were 12 women murdered at the hands of their partners or former partners between January 1 and February 182020. In total, 1,045 are counted since they began to be counted in 2003. A number that experts consider to be too low for what actually happens. Gestures like Natti Natasha’s are necessary.