Amazing! Elsa Pataky before dieting: Beware of change!


The physical change that Elsa Pataky has had in recent years has been more than evident. The actress from Madrid has always said that the bikini operation is bullshit, however, we have been able to see how her body has changed to look much better over the years.

And it is that before starting to do diets and exercises the Spanish were much more successful than now as we have seen in some images that have hung this week on the social networks of Elsa Pataky 2007.

In the photos, we can see the actress very little defined.

Life change

Those photos of 2007 the Spanish actress was with Adrien Brody, an actor who did not look much for her physique. However, when she started dating Chris Hemsworth everything changed.

And it is that living with Thor has its health benefits. The Australian has explained her secrets to have an enviable physique and as we can appreciate, she has been able to apply them perfectly and we can see the obvious change.

A secret 

Elsa Pataky recently shared that one of her best-kept secrets for being so stylized at 43 is intermittent fasting

The Spanish actress is changing between periods of 16 hours without eating and other fasting days of only 12 hours. The truth is that the results cannot be better.