Anitta and him together! It does not hide. Kiss! And she is a famous


It is not precisely any secret that Anitta has become one of the most sought after women in the social networks of the moment. Rio is triumphing both on stage and outside it.

The reasons are several, but it is evident that her spectacular voice and sensuality are two of her best weapons. Of course, those who know her best say that the Brazilian, however much she is now in a very good moment, is still a woman with her feet on the ground.

The photo with Maluma

That is why, however star, Anitta continues to get excited whenever she sees a friend she clearly appreciates. And that is what we have been able to verify now with Maluma.

They tell from the environment of the singer that Anitta and the Colombian maintain a strong friendship for a long time. A friendship that they do not hide and that, although some point in a malicious way that goes beyond, they do not hesitate to show in their social networks.

Especially the carioca who, as we can see in these photos, is more than comfortable with the Colombian. Some images that correspond to one of the days in which the two stars coincided in the recording of a successful program on Mexican television.

Obviously, seeing how well they get along and the love they have, many saw in these hugs and kisses a relationship that goes beyond friendship. But in no case was that so. Unless it is known.

Of course, taking into account that the two can boast of being two of the stars that are hitting him most in recent times, a love relationship between them would be a real bombshell both at the media level and at the musical level. But that, as much as the fans of both are waiting for it has not happened. Eye, for now.