Attention to the video! Miley Cyrus dancing to JLo. Madness!


Miley Cyrus has worked hard to leave behind the ‘Disney Girl’ label. Something that she has never liked, and that she has always tried to erase. Because, as she has explained many times, she is not proud of her past, acting as an actress and singer. How to forget her mythical series, ‘Hannah Montana’ in which she played a teenager with ‘alter ego’ when singing.

It became a role model for the children of the time, who loved her. But in reality, she felt oppressed and noticed that they didn’t want her for the way she was, if not for the character she imitated. One thing that caused him stress, depression, anxiety and many types of mental disorders. And she had problems with drugs, alcohol and many other issues.

Finally, already recovered and detoxified, the American has been dedicated, for a long time, to be exposed. She has no prejudices when it comes to getting naked or making statements that paralyze the World. She has become a specialist when it comes to leading and occupying covers. And, for things like this, it has won again being on everyone’s lips.

Because in this video, Miley appears performing a kind of striptease. She takes off all the clothes she wears, until she stays in minor cloths, and then performs a most sensual dance. Many, they say, remind them of the craziest and rampant version of Jennifer Lopez.

People like their new life

It is obvious that Cyrus has lost a large number of followers. But it is also clear that she has won another good amount for things like this.

“You have to know how to adapt to the times,” “I liked it the way it was before, but now I also fall in love”, “I miss the old Miley very much” or “Maximum madness” was read.