Emily Ratajkowski puts on a bikini that doesn’t cover anything! Last picture


Emily Ratajkowski from time to time likes to leave us all of the stone with some shocking photo of him and it seems that this Thursday had a high impact saved that she has published in her Instagram stories.

The American model has appeared in her account with a bikini of the strangest, chromed and that really covered him rather little of her spectacular body.

Of course, fans have hallucinated with the image of the beautiful top model with a most brutal look. The photo has gone viral in a very short time on social networks.


Emily Ratajkowski is in luck as she has already been married to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard for two years. It should be remembered that her wedding caught everyone by surprise as they did it secretly in Manhattan courts like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

They were only several friends to the ceremony and later they made the treat in a restaurant in the Italian food of Soho. Something very intimate.


The United States model recognized in her publication that she is happily married to the producer and would repeat the times that such a special day was needed.

This was explained by herself: “Two years ago in court 10/10 I would remarry (once and again and again).” It seems that everyone who dreams of marrying Emily Ratajkowski will have to wait seated.