Lady Gaga photographed surfing! With a yarn bikini Attention!


Lady Gaga knows that a very hard 2020 is waiting for her, where she hopes to be able to get new musical work and do a very powerful tour after 2019 that have been quite relaxed for her after her performance in the movie ‘A star is born’.

Therefore, we have seen the American singer enjoying surfing on a practically private beach where she has been seen wearing a brutal bikini.

His 2020 is prepared very hard in the physical and that is why Lady Gaga wants to be full and uses surfing to improve her general physical condition due to the strength she needs to do well.

Tomorrow premieres single

Lady Gaga has announced through social networks that tomorrow, February 28, she will publish a new single that we already know will be called Stupid Love.

From Halloween, it seemed clear that the American singer had something in her hands and it seems that it will only be the first piece of an album that she hopes to release shortly.

The new queen of pink

It seems that the pink color will guide Lady Gaga in her new musical stage as we can see in most of the publications we are seeing in recent days. 

Pink hair has been dyed for days and there it seemed that something new was coming and now we can see that the promotions of his new work go with the same color colors.