Natti Natasha leaves the water intact: like a beautiful mermaid and big floats


Natti Natasha was photographed enjoying a sunny day at the pool. There, she was seen swimming and cooling off the heat, after several concerts. It is burning!

Natti Natasha began 2020 full of work projects.

In less than a week, she released two songs with their respective music videos, “You are killing me” and “Slowly”, she was at the Lo Nuestro awards and is also targeting her work to modeling.

For this reason, she wanted to take time to relax and chose to get into the pool to relax all those muscles that move so much on stage.

The amazing thing is the picture they took while she was in the water: Natti Natasha, in a flowery bikini, poses at the camera while holding her sunglasses, surrounded by foam. OMG!

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Intact on the water, Natti Natasha sports the natural floats that allow her to be divine with any look and occasion. What a woman.