Size too small! Nicki Minaj puts it on and this happens!


Nicki Minaj has returned to public life through the big door and what in theory was going to be a softer version of her career is becoming quite the opposite as we have seen in her latest Instagram updates.

And it is that the rapper of Trinidad and Tobago has revolutionized her country with spectacular models at the carnival, where she has worn several sizes of clothing smaller than she should.

The images leave no doubt that Nicki Minaj likes to attract attention in a big way. The millions of likes and reproductions demonstrate their powers of conviction.

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???? meet me on Tribe truck right now ??♥️

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She has apologized

Her husband Kenneth Petty has a big mess at the Trinidad and Tobago carnival. The rapper has had to apologize for the behavior of her husband, who has gone viral this week.

The problem came to the local artist Iwan George asked for Nicki Minaj’s hand to help him in her performance and the husband pushed her hand in a bad way, something that everyone has been able to see through social networks.

Is there a pregnancy?

In fact, Kenneth Perry was already news before going to Trinidad and Tobago since in a video that appeared Nicki Minaj appeared stroking her belly and commenting: “You are going to Trinidad with your dad”.

News that for now, nobody has denied the environment of the singer.