Touching video Miley Cyrus’s first time on TV: I was 3 years old!


Sometimes we do not remember how adorable Miley Cyrus was as a child because of the image she has wanted to give since she left the role that led her to fame on television when she played Hannah Montana.

However, a video of the first time that the American singer appeared on television sure makes our day. And this week a recording of a program in which Miley Cyrus is seen with only 3 years has gone viral.

In the video, she appears in her mother’s arms and is smiling and somewhat shy, something she has lost over time.

Unmistakable smile

The beautiful smile of Miley Cyrus can be seen in the video very clearly, something that she has been able to maintain over time, and that is that the American singer is recognizable whenever she smiles.

His fans have been taken by the youngest image they had seen of the artist and the comments have been very positive, most of them considering Miley as “adorable” or “beautiful.”

The second time she does

This week Miley Cyrus had to deny again that she had broken with the Australian Cody Simpson. The American singer deleted all the photos with the singer in what was intuited as anger in the couple.

However, she then put a picture with him when she saw the rumors of rupture begin. And it’s not the first time she has to do it in recent months.