A week before March 8, Rostov astrologer made a calendar beauty girls


A week before March 8, Rostov astrologer made a calendar beauty girls
Photo: Wday.ru
Astrologer from Rostov made a calendar of beauty for girls. Olga Shumilina told how to celebrate March 8, so as to conquer others.

The festive week from 2 to 8 March will be a waxing Moon. Mercury retrograde will continue its influence, therefore, in order to avoid problems with the appearance, better to turn to proven masters.

March 2 and 3
You can:

● To get a haircut. New hair will be air.
● To carry out beauty treatments for the face, moisturizing and vitamin mask.
● Massage to restore and strengthen the body. This will help not only to recover physically after illnesses and injuries, but also to relax, to get in tone.
● To go for a correction and dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows.
● To make the massage of reflex zones of the hands and also massage and strengthening nails.
● Skin and nails these days require more attention, however, do without any complicated procedures. Useful to make the bath to soothe the skin, light peels.
● Remove unwanted hair on face and body.

● Give too much stress on your arms and shoulders when doing sports.
● To do a manicure and a pedicure, build, cut, file nails.
● Remove unwanted hair on the arms and in the armpit area. These days increase pain threshold and decrease the speed of skin regeneration.

4 , 5 and 6 March until 14.00
You can:

● To make nourishing masks for face and body based on fermented milk products (kefir, curdled milk, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese).
● Visit the dentist. To treat, remove, and insert the teeth, dentures.
● To begin to cure diseases of metabolism (gout), preventive procedures.
● To do exercises to improve the appearance of the breast, in particular for sagging and small Breasts. Useful massage that area with water jets that you can do yourself in the shower. These days exercise and massage are particularly effective, they can also do to keep in shape.

● To do a chemical peel as all the chemicals can damage the skin.
● Remove unwanted hair using creams.
● Manicure, pedicure due to poor drying of the varnish. If still going, remember that you will spend more time for drying of varnish.
● To get a haircut. Hair stop to listen, it would be difficult to stack and keep in the right form regardless of the quantity and quality of used fixative.
● To dye your hair, do a Perm, there is a risk of burn the hair.

On 6 March after 14: 00, March 7 and 8 to 14.00
You can:

● To get a haircut. Hair will grow faster, be healthy, and strong. These days you need to cut the tips, even if you want to have long hair. New hair will grow much faster, and the ends won’t manage to split.
● Hair color, especially in bright colors that are likely to be saturated. This primarily refers to natural dyes.
● To increase hair and eyelashes.
● To make the correction of eyebrows.
● To paint the eyebrows and eyelashes henna.
● Manicure and pedicure.
● Remove unwanted hair on face and body.

● To remove unwanted hair in the bikini area, legs, armpits, as after that they will start to grow especially quickly.
● Solarium and sunbathing without sunscreen.
● To remove dilated capillaries.
● Pierced ears.
● Bleach freckles.
● To remove growths (moles, papillomas, warts, etc.).
● To do a deep cleaning of the face.

8 March 14.00
You can:

● To make the correction and coloring eyebrows.
● To paint, build and laminate eyelashes.
● Curl and straighten the hair.
● Color, streak, kolorirovanie hair. Hair will be neat, the paint will fall perfectly.
● To get a haircut and make styling, to wind the hair on curlers. It is recommended to hair, or those who dream about long hair.
● To make masks for hair, especially nourishing and strengthening.
● Make bath, to aromatherapy, to arrange the sessions.
● Go for a relaxing foot massage, feet, ankles.
● To decide on contrasting dousing thighs. They bring muscle and skin tone, help to fight cellulite.
● To trim ingrown toenails.

Remove unwanted hair in the legs, underarms or bikini. Hair will grow very quickly again.