According to Conrad, and the Media: the Case of the Aldi-Talk Smartphone-for rent


Smartphone, to rent rather than buy. This is now the site of Aldi’s Talking about. Nine different Smartphones on the Aldi Talk web site is currently available for rent. All of the equipment that can be rented for various periods of time.

The job market

  1. about dueren Hoff GmbH, Münster, Germany
  2. At InnoGames GmbH (Hamburg,

The maximum rental period is for one year. The minimum rental period is one month, even three months ago, and a year and a half, as well as others, the execution times are available. According to Grover, the lease may be extended, if necessary, at any time, in order to take advantage of a lower monthly cost to you.

Aldi co-operates with Grover, who is already working in the Media Markt and Conrad together.

Aldi Talk has the only Smartphones,

Conrad and the Media, the market, the products are also available for hire outside of the Smartphone category. This Option is not available in the Aldi offer for you. The step must be taken with Tablets and other mobile devices, a time schedule has not been called.

In the garden of the smartphone buyers who want to move often, from the electronic device, and a current model. It may also be of interest to those that want to try out a Smartphone, for specific times, and then, for the first month’s rent. If you have rented a smart phone is damaged during the rental period, you must pay for the cost of the rental 90% of the repairs, with the remaining 10 per cent, but you need to pay the rent.

The rates-of-pay, it may be more appropriate

For those who rent a Smartphone for a year, it should be clear before any of the Android devices with gps, the rental payments can also be made for the same cost as to buy it. The purchase price may be even lower than that of a year’s rent. If the only concern is that the purchase price should not be a one time pay, I’d like to make a payment on the installment plan more than one month’s rent.

It is a little bit different in the case of the Apple iphone. I suppose the iPhone is the 11 Pro with 512 GB of storage space for a year, pay of 1,080 euros, while the Smartphone is being sold for around 1,500 euros.

The information for the purchase of difficult-to-access

In the rental model, it does not necessarily mean that the device in question is acquired by the client up to the end of the rental period. Grover is: “After a few rentals, with the option to buy it for a symbolic Euro. It depends on the product and the expiry of a minimum period”.

The more accurate Details the interested party learns only after it has created a much needed Grover’s account, the product in the shopping cart and the checkout process is almost at the final event. Transparent would it be if all the clients have to be very to buy critical Information to the Beginning of the end.

It is not yet clear if Aldi’s Talking about is going to offer to the rental of a Smartphone at all times. First of all, the co-operation is limited to a period of up to three months. Until then, it is determined whether Aldi’s Talking about is the Smartphone to hire on a permanent basis.

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