Anastasia Reshetova in “naked” bikini swim with my son in the pool


24-year-old Anastasia Reshetova showed a touching video with his son Ratmir. Model decided from the cradle to accustom your baby to the water.

Anastasia and Timothy no longer hide the face of four-month-old son of. Beloved rapper is enjoying mother’s trouble. “First Vice-miss Russia -2014” shares his impressions and experiences with groupies.

The brunette told, what daily walks with her son in the pool. Anastasia believes, it is very important to teach a child to water with the first months of life. The success of a young mother shot on video.

Baby under the guidance of her mother and coach kept steadily on the water and even tries to dive. The boy enjoyed swimming, and Reshetova be touched, looking at the smiling of. “Daddy will be so pleased!” she said.

Anastasia thanked Timothy’s mom for, she’s the first to accustom your baby to the water. “I trust her, after all, she was able to teach great swimming sons and granddaughter! I watched and remembered, to later with him to swim myself. To be honest, to see, what progress was made in comparison with the beginning, and his smile during class is an incredible feeling,” admitted Reshetova in Instagram.

Anastasia Reshetova daily walks to the pool with her son

Anastasia Reshetova daily walks to the pool with her son

In the pool Ratmir deals with a professional trainer. Anastasia also tries to participate in the process. Model convinced, in the future, Ratmir say thank you to her for that, that did not give him relax from the first months of life. According to star, it is important not to miss the moment and start exercising at an early age, while the water is for a child favorable environment.

This is done not only in order, the child was able to swim, but for the overall development. While in the water and improve blood circulation, strengthen the nervous system, develop breathing and help to improve skills and reflexes,” he assured the young mother.

Recently, the model admitted that her son born this, how she imagined it. Even the zodiac sign be, I wanted the brunette. Valentine’s Day, Timothy and Anastasia went on a date. Previously, the star showed a video, as the son builds her eyes.