Ani Lorak was struck by the gorgeous Breasts in string bikinis


Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram post. Celebrity has put gorgeous frame on the background of the sea and sunset in Italy, an intriguing new music video for the hit “I would fly”, which was directed by Alan Badoev. So, the actress tried a variety of spicy images from dress with white fringe to the Golden mini-bikini, putting on display the chest.

“With the first spring sun meet my new long awaited video #’ve abilitata! ❤it’s amazing
⚡ This 03.03.2020
by @alanbadoev”, – shared news Lorak. Followers not passed by: “is Similar to “We break” . I have the feeling that they were taken in one day. Repetitive clips of steel.”, “The same type of clips.”, “Oh what the already battered”, “Boyeeee like to wait?!?! Wow, Caroline, uh minx????”, “Beyond sexy and Sizzling beauty ❤ it’s amazing Oh, it’s getting hot ?”, “Duzhe similar to poperedni CLP. Curiously not”, “but what is…what is the song that the clips are similar. Ceased to run chills Your songs Carolina.”.

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Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Ani decided to show another selfie from the car.