Anna Sedokova bikini made a Frank admission


37-year-old singer admitted, she had a food intolerance. Anna Sedokova had to abandon some of the dishes.

Former member of the group VIA Gra” has passed a special test for tolerance to different types of food. The actress found out, that her body responds badly to certain foods, which leads to rapid weight gain.

Anna Sedokova keeping fit

Anna Sedokova keeping fit

His discovery Anna shared with fans. She posted a blog beautiful photos, for which posed in a white bikini. Sedokova appeared by the pool in a seductive pose. In the picture the singer posted a Frank admission.

A week ago my life was divided into before and after. The analysis showed, I absolutely can not eat eggs and dairy products. I was forced to delete them from life, although I love all, which is associated with milk, curds and buttermilk,” complained the beloved basketball player Janis Timmy. Pop star asked the fans to support her in the endeavor.

Followers of the actress admired her fortitude. “I would not be able without favorite foods”, “You don’t need to lose weight, you’re in great shape”, “What is willpower” — spoken by fans. Many of them wrote, that will join the favourite and also give up dairy products.

Singer supports boyfriend Janis Timm

Singer supports boyfriend Janis Timm

Comment and actress Natalia Rudova. She decided to warn the girlfriend of vain efforts. “Careful with these tests. I made these, but in the end gained 5 kg. They are not true”, — assured sitcom star Happiness! Health!”.

Recently, Anna has a surprise close beauty transformation. For the first time she got a haircut.

The singer of the hit Red lips” reaffirmed its interesting position. The singer said that waiting for a fourth child. Sedokova boasted in an extreme breast cleavage.