At 18 she escaped from the Soviet Union in red bikini


During socialism, the West was for the people alluring forbidden fruit. In the history of the Soviet Union was not one escape to Western countries. In search of a better life were sent to mainly scientists and artists – those whose rights are infringed by Soviet authorities.

The most famous among the fugitives, was a young beauty Liliana Gasinska. The girl was born into a creative family: father musician, mother an actress. Parents predicted daughter’s creative future. But the girl had other plans for his life. The girl wanted to live in the West. She, as a young teenager, has developed a dangerous and cunning plan: to get to work on the ship and escape to the West during the voyage.

The first step towards the realization of a dream was the arrival in the Odessa seaworthy school. Reaching the age of majority, Liliana found a job on a cruise ship, which was flying to Sydney. A few hours before arrival in port, a girl in a bikini red left the ship. Brave beauty brave, not afraid of sharks, swimming in forty minutes reached the shores of Australia. Coming ashore, she realized that she broke her ankle and in bad English asked to deliver her to the police station. The girl was worried about what it will catch up and will be sent home in the USSR, which was dominated by the huge queues and a shortage of goods.

When the ship realized that the girl ran away, then immediately turned to the Australian authorities with a request to return the Soviet runaway. But Liliana has managed to communicate closely with reporters, have told them stuff about life in the Soviet Union and hatred of the Communists and the Soviet regime. Told that Australia is her dream and the best place on the planet. Journalists with the aim to make a splash stashed the girl. But later, the authorities granted her political asylum.

Has not passed also month as by Liliana seduced photographer from the newspaper took him from a family in which the guy had three children. Fled to right and left giving interviews, and even agreed to the erotic shoot in the magazine “Penthouse”. She still fulfilled the request of parents, she began acting career: starred in the television series, worked as a DJ, a dancer.

Soon she became the wife of a millionaire and she began a beautiful life. The marriage lasted a few years. After the divorce, Lillian kept to himself, began to avoid reporters and ceased to be visible. She moved from Australia to London and there married a second time. Lillian became the mother of two sons.

She later transported the parents to live abroad. Now Lillian for 57 years. Life abroad has developed well. And do not dare to call her a traitor, because she just realized her dream and gained a better life.