Black Desert Online-only, is free today on Steam

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the cocoa, and Games and Pearl Abyss to give the 2016 olympics, posted the Game-Black Desert Online. The most popular, and in another way, for about ten Euros-to-play MMORPG can be, up to and including Monday, 2. In march 2020, will be moved to 7:00 in the morning, free of charge, by the end of the game on Steam.
Black Desert Online is a Sandbox MMORPG, with a wealth of experience in the detailed world of the exciting, fast paced and full of action and fighting. You must compete against various monsters and bosses, and they, along with their friends and to post on the wars, and siege wars. In addition to this, you can conquer castles, and entire regions-of-control, or practice your swing on the talent of their Work, such as fishing, trade, Crafts and food.