Corona Virus: Apple employees to get the Care packages and with the other hand


Simon Lohmann

Because of the Virus, “Corona”, a few of the Apple employees in the cities of Wenzhou and Hubei home. In order to support their employees in these tough times, Apple has sent out Care packages to the victims of their colleagues.

How to

reported to Apple Care, sent out packages to their employees, and the stranded in Wenzhou and Hubei, due to the Coronavirus. Accordingly, the face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, with facilities for making tea and coffee, and an iPad Air, second Generation, have been in the package, in addition to the face.

The photo of the Care package that was posted on the Chinese social network called Weibo.

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The photo of the Care package that was posted on the Chinese social network called Weibo.

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Apple’s response to the security measures that have been carried out in the towns and cities in the South of China. Even though more than half of the retail Stores of Apple in China, has re-opened for a short period of time, however, many of the employees of Apple to stay in the house. In a letter included in the package, it is said that, on the other hand, for the Learning of the kids, or to while away the time during your extended stay home” can be provided to you.

Apple’s letter to his employees

Ladies and gentlemen, Hubei, and Wenzhou, and

We hope that you will read this message in best of your health. Since our last discussions with them, but we do know that you can Ford at this challenging time. We understand the challenges they are facing, and I hope that you and your family with the support of the forces. Hubei and the city of xi’an, are the most affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has resulted in China now, 2.835 in human life.

We will send it to you in the name of all of the Apple team, and all our best wishes, together with the CareKit for you and your family. In this Kit you will find the Comfort of the iPad for kids to Learn Online and help you pass the time during their long stay in the house.

In addition to this, a number of the assistance and Advice of the health service has been especially prepared for you to assist you during this time.

After the rapid spread of the Virus, “Corona” has been a failure of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, spain and then to great companies, including Microsoft and Huawei has cancelled the appointment, as well as participation in large-scale events, the question now arises: How will Apple deal with the Events of the future?

Apple is going to have to cancel my VISIT in 2020, and the iPhone-IT 2-in a Keynote?