Description: Active attacks on the JavaScript, Asynchronous, and three additional plugins


Updates for the following four Plugins for WordPress Asynchronous JavaScript and Flexible in Checkout Fields for WooCommerce is a Modern Event Calendar Lite, and 10Web the Constructor of a Map from Google Maps to close the vulnerabilities that could be exploited, according to researchers at security in the wake of an attack on the campaign is active.

The Team behind Wordfence, a wordpress Plugin for security of the Content Management System WordPress, has described Details in the resolved problems in security, in a blog entry. Thus, by allowing the poor to Cross-Site-add-Scripting-attacks, through which Criminals, a new WordPress Administrator account, and, in this way, other malicious Plugins with the functionality of the Backdoor, you can stand it.

The Wordfence Team advising the Administrators of the urgent need for the timely updating of vulnerable plug-ins for any possible attacks through the middle.

The Plug-Ins Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce and 10Web the Constructor of a Map from Google Maps there are currently over 20,000 installations in the internet. Closed the vulnerability with a CVSS v3 Score: 9.3 (“hot spots”, each, a”) assigned to the. They are to be affected, in accordance with Wordfence

The Versions 2.3.2 and higher, respectively in 1.0.64 and higher they are provided for. They can also be downloaded from the above linked plug-in to the Site. For more information about the vulnerability in the first plug-in in question can be found in a blog entry of its celebration of NinTechNet.

The Plugin is Asynchronous JavaScript that is currently running in more than 100.0000 WordPress installations to the latest schedule of Events Lite, in fact, more than 40,000+. The weak points are the High places were assigned to the “a”in the rating of the level of risk (CVSS v3 Score of 7.6). The vulnerable versions are

Here, too, the covered versions2.20.02.27, and the upper or 5.1.7 and higherunder the the the the the above Links are also available.

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