Facebook is its Messenger App with a new coat of paint


Facebook in its Messenger-the Redesign of the motto “Less is more”, and you have a short to Find out the side, the area that is completely out of the main view is removed. In spite of this, you will get in the future, it’s just two of the areas, Chat rooms, and People are displayed. Chat, chat with friends, and you’ll see it in the People, among other things, the history, the contacts are grouped together.

Against the USA, the Portal Techcrunch, which reported on the Changes to the Design, it has been confirmed by Facebook that your new look will be gradually released all over the world. The first blog I have ever. The new strategy is, in fact, the Messenger-in-chief Stan Chudnovsky developed for the last few years, and in the Facebook group.

The Messenger looks like after the Overhaul

Chudnovskys out on the direction of a greater simplicity, it also has the driving, the consequences to the advertising client video chat, gaming chat and disappear along with the Redesign, that is, from the Chat screen to the user. Especially the Chatbot apps, which Facebook introduced nearly three years ago, in the Messenger, which was developed as one of the companies, and often used Marketing Tool. Lidl, Opel, Lufthansa, Dr. Oetker has launched its own Messenger, to the chat bot to automate the Management of users, as much as possible.

The Bots in the chat, however, it does not go away completely. In addition, for this user need in order to make them active in the search for the mask of the Facebook App to find and interact with it. The company was an important part of Facebook, said a spokesman for Techcrunch politely. ron