Facebook Messenger is a faster, and less


The other day it became known that Facebook’s wool to detoxify the Messenger, again and again. Keep in mind that it is, of course, it is not the complete balderdash refers to it, has been fired in the immediate past, but only in speed and size. The Messenger App for iOS has been built from the ground up. Once the introduction is complete, the iOS App for one-fourth of its previous size and twice as fast to load up, so Faceboook. The Code has been shortened for Facebook, of the more than 1.7 million of the 360 000 lines of Code in order to 84%. The majority of the functions will remain the same, and from time to time, the more Resources you will be introduced to the market. Fewer lines of code, to simplify the application and make the Application more responsive.:

Faster For a faster start-up time is perhaps not so important, if you have to open an App only once or twice a day to play a game or watch a movie, but it makes a big difference if you have to open an App multiple times a day in order to respond to the messages of the people who are most important to you.

Small: For a small Application, this means that he is the Messenger of the start faster and faster, and the updates will be downloaded, and for all of us, even the people that are using the App on older devices, or in areas with poor connectivity, where every Kilobyte counts.

To We have, for ease of implementation, and, at the same time it is equipped with a lot of resources, so that our engineers can easily make you with a better experience. For example, we have reduced the list of contacts in the 40’s versions in the list, it works in every Application in a uniform manner. This will not only help with the cognitive load of the people, but it also means that the engineers don’t have to build it from the ground up for new experiences.

The distribution begins, however, with the Facebook today it is all about the iOS, not the Version of the Android os.