For competition fitness bikini young woman overcame panic attacks and agoraphobia


Rebecca’s condition worsened even more when her beloved French bulldog was diagnosed with cancer. To somehow distracted, the girl took up the sport that helped her to escape from the sad thoughts and painful memories. “Going to the gym really helped. And I decided that I needed a goal to get away from all my sorrows. And then I decided that I wanted to take part in the competition in the fitness bikini, which I carefully worked my body”. In the end, thanks to his tenacity, the British dressed in a swimsuit and high heel shoes and entered the top three winners in the Amateur category, amazed the jury of his chiseled figure.

Rebecca explained that to develop a strategy for overcoming anxiety helped her psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy, but at the same time stressed that the greatest role on the way to her psychological health played sports. “Finally, I’m starting to feel safe outside their own home. When I go on stage, you feel a little actress literally a different person. This is the beginning of a new Chapter in my life that I thought were impossible. And I’m very thankful for this chance,” she said.

Photo: Instagram

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