“Fortnite”-the Bug is that the ” friends of the enemy


A Bug in the “Fortnite” is the amusing scenes of the play.

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There is no game without a problem. This also applies to “Fortnite”. The last Bug is annoying, but it also leads to the amusing scenes of the play.

  • A Bug in the “set of shims”in a way that annoys you “Fortnite“For the player.
  • Friends, they are not marked as such.
  • “The group in the brackets is, in fact, a typical Deathmatch mode.

In Games like Fortnite*” it’s about the players out of it. So, it’s off to the Team’s way, the Battle-Royale-game-for-the attack of the players themselves, the Game, the members of the Team, with an arrow-white – up to you now.

“Fortnite”: the Bug in the “set of shims in order, makes friends, and enemies

A Bug in the “Fortnite”By Way Of A Group Of “Proper” it does not show the note to the members of the Team. Thus, all of the players look like enemies…. This is the absurdity of the scenes, as a user of Reddit, in a Video that was recorded.

All of a sudden, the players shoot at one another until they realize their mistake. She said it quickly, and exit quickly to the scene of the crime, so that no one is going to notice that you’ve accidentally shot a friend. But, in addition, to the embarrassment of the mess you’re just wasting ammo and all the time.

“Fortnite”-Game Developer Epic Games he commented on the Mistake. The Team wanted to look at the error in more detail and an Update is available that eliminates. Even so, the players need to look at the group in the brackets in order to, exactly who is friend and foe.

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“Fortnite” is the group “the proper”way?

On the way to the group in the brackets is played by two Teams of 20 players against each other. All of the participants started with a 450 materials, 150, by type of material. A player is eliminated, he can be reborn, and Start to join in. A Team that hits for 125 deletions, and he has won the game. This is a classic Team Death-match. Such as “Fortnite,” it is the custom, there is also an area of the storm. It is, however, slower than in the Battle Royale mode, and in the end zone on the specified.

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“Fortnite-Season 2”: the secret societies to take over the island

2. After a Fortnite, Chapter 2,” players are required to be in the the two groups of “Ghost” and “Shadow” to deal with it. Both of these groups around the map in a secret hiding-places. This can be through the hidden passages to get behind. For success to be successful, the players need to gun turrets, and the security switch off of the camera. For the lure of the city, and proximity mines are available to you.

The hide-and-seek frolicking too HER story of the two warring factionsit needs to be shut down. This can be achieved with the aforementioned grenades, and mines, or have the players dress up and take out the enemy covertly. In each hiding place is also a Boss enemy is on the prowl. This is to be defeated, he drops a key card. As a result, the player can open a safe with a lot of valuable Treasures.

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