Galaxy S20: Adjusting the sales numbers of Samsung: “Coronavirus is a mistake”


The new flagship of Samsung, the South korea’s domestic market is no longer available. However, the sales figures for the samsung Galaxy S20 is lower than expected. The reason for this Coronavirus has been.

Every year, Samsung introduces a new flagship with all sorts of improvements over its predecessor, in the shadow of the user is intended to stimulate a Change. The sale of High-End Smartphones, a year-on-year, in a constant manner, and that the series, which is, perhaps, a little bit of a weakness, the Figures in the Galaxy-S20-head-drops. Here are Samsung has achieved only about 50% of the sales of the Galaxy S-10 on the first day. The reason for this is the General and the symbolic grief, but it is the fear of the Coronavirus, according to the South Korean manufacturer, however.

Fewer in-store customers, due to the risk of Infection from

In the last year and 140,000 models of the Galaxy-S-10’s were deployed on the first day of the sale in Korea of the South, a series of the Galaxy Note 10 and even made it to 220,000 units. In contrast, the Galaxy-S20 series, it is the only 70.800 units sold. The Korean news Agency Yonhap News, which is compared with that of the speaker of telecommunications, explained that the company’s sales are weak as well: “Sales were adversely affected by a sharp decrease in the discounts for new phones, and the number of visitors to the Offline stores, because of the fear of a corona virus infection.

You can also price plays in the sales a role that is not negligible. Most of cheap Galaxy-S20-cost model in South Korea 1.248 million Won, the equivalent of about 946 euros. This is a 5G model, an LTE Version is not sold in the domestic market. There’s less than discount, offers, promotions and other allowances, as is usual, reducing the price to swallow, and harder. The bad Numbers, it remains to be seen whether the Start-up of the Rest of the world, but the bookmakers can do about it. In Germany, the new Smartphone will be in the starting 13. In march it will be available, we had to Test the device in a Hands-On.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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