Gamestop leaks the PS5’s Hardware, these are the Specs for the new PlayStation


Michael Merc

Game retailer Gamestop has it listed on the Landing Page the most important features of the console.

In fact, it was expected that Sony would put their plans for the next Playstation 5, feb open. But, apparently, the group wants to wait for the project to the new Platform. Information about the PS5, many are still available. The latest Details come from a game retailer, Gamestop. In a

The list of the PS5
it is listed in, for example, that the system, as well as Downloads, can also play the game on a physical medium. In addition to this, the Controller must be radically revised is. At the time of the classic Rumble motors, haptic Feedback is to provide you with the most in the middle of the thing. The Trigger should also be adjusted for the respective game, and in this way, for example, the Shooting of arrows that simulate the best.

In addition, other Resources are to be committed to the PS5-list: will the PS5 screen 8 may be able to appeal for a settlement. The AMD processor is the master, it will have eight cores and 16 Threads at the same time, you can deal with. The use of an SSD as a storage medium has also been listed. At the same time the PS5 is supposed to be compatible with all of the Games from the previous generation, too old-PSVR-the Hardware must be easy to use. Gamestop wants you to know, in addition to this, it supports PS5-of-Use, then, are the reflections and global illumination in real-time. Also, the user interface has to be radically revised is. As you can see from that, Multiplayer Games are available, with the beginning of the hand. How reliable is the info from Gamestop, it remains to be seen. Currently, the Landing Page for the Playstation 5 is not available. May well be that the Sony’s had a couple of objections, and the disclosure of it puts you in danger he was.

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