Google allows you to preview the How-to of the Smart Dial Shows


For Rich Results, all Users can now see how Google, as well As the Markup to display an action in the field of Smart Features, such as Google’s Home page.

As to the Marking of the webmaster (s) that is appropriate for display in the Google search Assistant, you can get to know all the possible outcomes, which appear to be as-Rich-as a Result-the stock-in Smart Features, the time required for the Test Tool. Thus, it is clear How, for example, on a Google in-House device it’s played back to them.

The rich Findings at the Smart Show: Google gives insights into search results, and Wizard-of-stock

The Users can use the Google Assistant on the Google Homepage-you can, for example, a Voice-based search request. This can be in the kitchen is helpful if you have hands-free conversation, and asks the question: “How do I peel a lychee?” Especially the How-tos that have the Potential to be in Google’s search results in its own Box, as it is a Rich output is displayed.

With the data structured How-tos from the Google Webmaster can tell you that the Content maintains, a manual. The content is marked up properly, they can also be presented as a How-to-action to your Google Assistant, respectively, for the Smart Features. So far, a Webmaster can only check for such as possible to ensure that the book as a Rich Result in the search results it shows up. But, on Twitter, on Google Webmaster central Account, has announced that it is the right of the Result of the Test is to be delivered to a display, the display is Intelligent and is the Home of Google for the stock.

Most of the traceability to the webmaster

How to make content that can be built in such a way quite different from that of a single image or block of text with a picture of a series of videos to explain. So it is up to the webmaster to be of great interest to be able to be shown in order to see how the Tagging is appropriate, provided that the instructions are not only in search results, the mobile and the Desktop, but also via the Smart Features.

The various How-tos-Google-Home-devices do not seem to be emerging, such as expert SEO, Glenn Gabe says:

On the other hand, it could be a sign that the ad is to Check your markup using the Rich Results of the Test to account for the fact that, in short, the most the Wizard of the actions taken by the in-context, Smart Displays are to be seen. This can be the Publisher of these instructions to be an important factor. Because at the beginning of last year, Google said that the Wizard is installed during the course of the first few months of 2019, more than a billion devices. A study done by the Statista Research Department, which is going to increase the number of globally sold your device to 12.5 million a year from 2018 to 2025 is 140 million euros.

Bar chart: are sold all over the World your device, from 2017 to 2025
Sold all over the world, your device, from 2017 to 2025, © Statista

Consequently, the potential visibility of the How-to-actions, with Smart Displays would increase dramatically.

The Rich Results of the Test in the Search Console for web Site to be able to operator, a, corresponding to the test for the appointment to do so. Examples of detailed requirements and suggestions for the implementation of the Markup for the How-tos of the Google in a Blog of Developers.