Google’s Update brings new features for all the pixels in the 2-to 4 –


Google announced the Pixel, the Smartphones from the second to the fourth Generation of a new function to update the second Drop, as Google has announced the update, which includes, among other things, the more you control, the Dark-of-date.

About one-fourth to one-year following the announcement of the first of a long Drop to the Updates of the show, now, in a second Version, which is not provided for in the new-Pixel-4 models, but also to those who are older Phones on the Google. Not all of the features are pixels 2, 3, and 3a, which are available to you.

Feature Drop: Pixel-Smartphone-becomes-the-Dark-control

The action-Drop-to-the-Pixel-Smartphone-The-dark scales. (Picture: Google)

With the ability to Drop a function, in units of one Pixel, that is, in fact, it was the expected Upgrade to Android, 11: of system-wide Dark Mode in the future, depending on the time of day or the position of the sun is controlled. Thus, the Way in the Dark, now it’s just yourself, or, depending on the power-saving mode. Smartphones from other manufacturers, you will have the new Feature too, but it’s probably in August or September, with the Launch of Android, the 11.

A new feature is, Google will Pay the Portfolio moves you to the menu from the power button. In addition to the power on and Off to create the reboot and the Option to take Screenshots, or block your device, you Pixel owners out here in the future, the management of the quick to the credit card of the client, as well as within the context of the display of the cards on the table. To do this, make a screen shot and put the Element in the Google-Paid. Updates on the flight for their families, in real-time. On the day of your departure, you may want to simply use the a button, you can press and hold your boarding pass, you deal directly, do I have to be ready to go. This feature is available only in the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 are available.

Pixels in the 2-to 4-New photo and Video features

A new Feature called ” Drop-the Update also expanded on the photo and a new look for the purposes that you can use during your Video Calls, and the Google Duo to run it. The effect will change according to the company, depending on his or her facial expressions, and move together with you for the whole of the Screen all the way through to the general Manager.

Also, Selfies with Pixel 4 to be upgraded, with the front-facing camera that can store the Update information in depth, with pictures, can be provided with a blur effect. For a Color Pop effect and the colors should be vivid and also the shots with a 3-d effect in the Facebook post.

Google Feature Drop-Update-to-the-Pixel devices, it is also to expand the range of Emoji. (Picture:Google)

Google Feature Drop-Update-to-the-Pixel devices, it is also to expand the range of Emoji. (Picture:Google)

In addition to this, the Update to the Emoji in Version 12.1 brings. Thus, 169 of the new Emoji’s are in line with Google, which includes a greater number of types and colours of skin, as well as a variety of couples in order to make our society a better world.

The Pixel 4 which has a brand new gesture in the Direction of Movement of

The Google Pixel is 4, and the XL in the Test. (Photo: t3n)

The Direction of movement Google’s Pixel is 4, and the XL, with a brand new twist. (Photo: t3n)

The Sense of Movement, of gesture, of the Pixel 4, the music may stop now. (Picture: Google)

The Google Pixel, in the 4-and 4-XL (Test), it has a mini-radar Chip, with the device using Gestures in order to operate. The range of things that it was not very large, in the Test of the pixels of the Whole, was also quite low. Google is set to Release on the actions of the view – with the added Feature of letting go of the business, and after a little bit: in Addition to the Gestures for forward and back tilt of songs you can play with a new, gesture, pause, or resume.

The Sense of Movement, of gesture, of the pixels 4, and you can stop at this point of the song. (Picture: Google)

In the Feature Drop-Update to be distributed in the next few weeks, so all of that is compatible, with Pixel patterns. In the three months to the Pixel may be approximated by an owner, with the third Update of this type. After all, Google is planning on releasing their full-length Drops on a quarterly basis.

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