Hidden innovation refers to the PS5-Details


The Beta-Version 7.50 on the PS4, but it's still a little hidden feature. The Beta-Version 7.50 on the PS4, but it’s still a little hidden feature.

In the last week, it was announced that there will be a new PS4 Update and the first version of the Beta invitations have been sent out. Because according to Sony, the eigentilich required for the System stability, the reason for the update, my Fans, teased them directly. Now, it was known that there was more to it.

To update the copy protection HDCP

On Reddit, all of the participants in the Beta test of the Firmware from the to share their findings. The user stali84 I came across an interesting Detail: at the moment, the PS4, with support for HDCP V2.2 (an acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), but the Update will be HDCP V2 and it is right now.3 the support.

What is the HDCP?

This is a copy protection, which prevents the Interception of Video and audio material between the transmitter and the receiver. For example, the Generator needs to turn off with the intermediate Plate of the Catch for the copy protection manually, and if you want to capture on the PS4 with a game. The HDCP is turned off, you can of the Media content, such as Netflix, YouTube, or Blu-Ray discs are not to be used.

No Change to the consumer’s normalWith the new Version of the Sony makes for the encryption of a 8 to the contents, which is not very likely for the PS4, but for the PS5 in order to be relevant. Therefore, the Update can be the reason for a Trial to Sony’s Software for some of the PS5 and techniques to be tested in advance of the PS4.

More Apps in a folderOn Reddit, many users believe that there is yet another new Feature, which is also used for Applications such as Video, TV, PlayStation, music, and Live from PlayStation, in a folder that you can be. But it is no longer possible, except for all the Apps inside the TV, and Video, such as Netflix and YouTube. So, if you want a cleaner home screen, you can now make sure.