Jennifer Lopez showed a magnificent figure in a tiny bikini


To achieve similar results celebrity your own rules diet. Jennifer is drinking ice water to speed up metabolism, give up carbs after 4 PM and eats just four times a day, with all meals very rich in proteins. Special attention the singer pays also the workouts that every day starts at 6am. By the way, instead of repetitive physical exertion Lopez regularly tries to change the form of exercise. Sometimes does yoga or goes to the coast for a run. It is possible that all of this star does not just for beauty but also for health, because not so long ago, 50-year-old Jennifer said that would again be a mother! Recall that beauty and her 44-year-old fiancé Alex Rodriguez are raising four children: the twins, the Jennifer, Emma and max, and two daughters, Alexa, Ella and Natasha. However, children in pairs. But it is possible that there will be more.