Kate beckinsale has excited fans of a photo in bikini from the bathroom


Fans of the 46-year-old actress elicit the secrets of her perfect figure.

The other day Kate beckinsale has published on his page in Instagram the photo of the bathroom where she poses in the aisle in a maroon bikini strapless. In the shot, the actress looks out of the doorway and demonstrates athletic tanned body. Members Kate left her a lot of laudatory comments: “Oh my God, I now, again like women,” “What makes you coach, what you’re looking so well? I’m 20 years your Junior, but I need those tips!”, “Leg day!”, “Like a good wine — with age, only prettier”.

Kate also recently recorded a video which showed my cat and danced in jeans and a short top without the straps, boasting a slender waist and raised hands.

Earlier it was reported that Beckinsale started Dating a young rapper Machine Gun Kelly, a friend of her ex-boyfriend comedian Pete Davidson. The actress was seen with new boyfriend in the night in the car. Before celebrities were spotted at the party InStyle and Warner Bros. after-party after the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”, which they left together.

In a recent interview, Kate, who is 12 years of age was married and has a 20-year-old daughter, said he did not understand why after 30, a woman should stay at home and raise a family.

It seems strange, if the woman after 32 receives pleasure from life. I don’t mean drugs, drinking and partying. It’s about to be easy, to go somewhere and not sit at home and wait for menopause,

— said the actress.

She stressed that men in adulthood, this problem does not happen.

I see men always do what they like — be it a relationship, buying a motorcycle or a tattoo. And it is not perceived as wild as in the case of women. Nobody says: “And why doesn’t he have children? Time goes by, he has become a father” or “Why does he have so many girlfriends?”.