NVIDIA will close the gap in the GPU-driver and Software (vGPU


NVIDIA has released new versions of the Windows edition of your GPU’s video Drivers for the nvidia Geforce, Quadro/NVS and Tesla, and that eliminates two security vulnerabilities. Over the three gaps, the supplier shall be deleted from the Virtual GPU(vGPU) the components of the Software for Windows, Linux and a variety of virtualization solutions (Citrix, Hypervisor, VMware vSphere, Red hat Enterprise Linux (KVM Nutanix AHV).

Two of the ve vulnerabilities (CVE‑2020‑5957-and‑CVE-2020‑5959), is, according to the NVIDIA Newsletter from the Safety, is a high-risk, you have CVSS v3 score in an average of 8.4 or 7.8 are assigned to them. Even though you may not be able to be used, as well as the rest of the vulnerabilities (CVE‑2020‑5958, CVE‑2020‑5960, CVE‑2020‑5961), from a distance, but you need to access, you are advised to write to the publisher, the Updates are for the protection of the system.

The potential consequences of an attack would be, according to NVIDIA in the first place, and, above all, the Denial-of-Service conditions, as well as the extension of the right of access is not allowed, the execution of the program code and (non-specified) for information.

For more Details on the gaps, as well as the most vulnerable and the fixed version of the driver software, please refer to the NVIDIA Newsletter from the safety and Security. Drivers-Updates can be downloaded from the NVIDIA driver Download Site. The updates to the vGPU for the Software, there is (after successful Login) in the NVIDIA-Licensing-Centre.

Anyone who is uncertain, that is, the controller of the View versions that are currently in your System, you can find it by using one of the NVIDIA-provided instructions.

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