Olya Polyakova touching congratulated the eldest daughter Mary on the 15th anniversary


My beautiful and brave girl: Olya Polyakova gently congratulated the daughter on the 15th anniversary

Photo: Olya Polyakova daughter (instagram.com/polyakovamusic)

Star mom touched fans sincere words about my daughter

The eldest daughter of the singer Olya Polyakova Mary obviously went to the mother – like looks and figure, and the artistry and hard work. The girl is already trying his hand in different fields – modeling, acting and singing, as well as successfully running his own blog. She often goes on holiday with the star’s mother, where they host the hottest “battle bikini”, showing off a chiseled figures.

2 Mar Mary was 15 years old and on this occasion Polyakova shared in the network with a selection of bright photo of the girl and gently touching and congratulated her.

“Baby! Here’s 15! How fortunate that you have me taiaka turned out! Bright and cheery, just the sun! You’re so like me and yet completely different, much better, kinder, lighter, sensible, beautiful! Let all these fine qualities will help you in your life, be happy and healthy my beautiful ,smart and brave girl. love you Mary, the mouse, the tiny, Mychild, Masha!” – crumbled Olga compliments her oldest.

Photo: Oli’s daughter Masha Polyakova (instagram.com/polyakovamusic)

Star singer colleagues and her followers immediately joined in the congratulations and left many warm and sincere wishes for Masha, who is incredibly similar to the mother externally.

  • Happy birthday to Health! Happiness! A lot of joy, Machince!
  • Happy birthday, Mary) So beautiful and so like my mother)
  • Masha happy birthday. All the best and more)
  • Congratulations!This is such a lovely age!!!
  • Happy birthday to your daughter, let it be happy and healthy. all the best and bright in my life
  • Beauty is still the same, be happy, and may all your dreams be forgotten
  • Very cool girl, happiness to your doll
  • The Queen grows
  • Happy Birthday Daughter
  • Ol, I congratulate You on imeninnitsa. You have a very beautiful daughter. Very similar to you. To be honest, I’m such a similarity is not never in my life seen.
  • Duzhe Garneau Dudinka!!! Happiness that the health

My beautiful and brave girl: Olya Polyakova gently congratulated my daughter with the 15th anniversary

Screenshot comments (instagram.com/polyakovamusic)

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