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Schon’s very good that what social Media. Otherwise, we would, for Example, you never know what animal Love Til Schweiger, 56, his new Girlfriend, Sandra, 25, taking into account. Not teddy Bears called him and not Keinohrhäschen. Rather, it was reported GalaI’ve Schweiger on Instagram a Picture posted and sent a message: “I love you, Turtle, have no Idea.” The Image shows Til and Sandra, so that has Schweiger, well his Girlfriend, is understood to be– and not a real Turtle, maybe as a Pet. Or, by error, the wrong Photo posted.

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the field of the “Life” of the Frankfurter allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

“You have a Heart of gold,” said the Actor, according to Gala still written, “and I feel that I have finally arrived.” The Photo should be the two to the Maldives on Vacation, and because, in the Maldives, would we want to go. Where Schweiger Arrival apparently, in the Love referred to, where he made several voyages of Adventure to their backs. Question: If he is, 56 Years of age, had to be, for, at last, somewhere out of reach, then, possibly, Schweiger, even the Turtle?

“I’ve finally arrived,” he shares, of course, also Singer Matthias Reim, and is, even, 62. Your Trip is in the lake of Constance, where he Colorful receives. At his Side, is the Son of Julian, the Father just what Best has to say: “My Dad is my role Model. Even with the Money.” And because now some of remember to the Holders through a declaration of Bankruptcy, adds Julian, he added: “Their previous Failures are well known. But he only to get out of Debt achieved”. A good news has Julian, the Father of the hand: “at Some point I would like to my have a Family of their own. Here, also, is the Dad of my Vision.” This Model has been Colorful six Children and five Women, so even a large Family. Or should I Rhyme, first of all, therefore, a shining Example to the Filius, as, 62-30 Years old of young Bride?

The Length of time to go well it must be something like that, no. Actress Meital Dohan, 40, has The woman in the Mirror as just separate Al Pacino, 79, and as a Justification said: “it is very difficult for an old Man to be together, even if he is Al Pacino say.” The Lords of the Rhyme and Schweiger, must, however, this does not worry: in the first place, not 79 Years of age, and in the second place, the welcome to both, not Al Pacino.

Not always lightweight time on the Page Christian Wulffs has your Ex-wife Bettina behind a new Book that he has written and Thoughts about the ups and downs of Existence. Far he had come in September of last Year, when, as Colorful remember, under the influence of Alcohol, and accustomed to the great Attention of the Media of his Porsche against a Tree, he continued. “I have the Curve is not to get more and the Car in the true Sense of the Word against the Wall of the dangers”, you write, although yes, in reality, a Tree. “I’ve had a more painful Feeling, in the wrong Place to be.” A Feeling that surely all the world, with zerbeultem Porsche to a Tree pastes; because I think no one will think: it has finally arrived. In the meantime, she gottlob better, she has a new Boyfriend and leaves a lot of Bike.

Even more difficult is the Way, behind the Actor Ben Affleck found, he had with the separation, the Alcohol and gaming of the fight. “The List of its Vicious circle Valleys is really long!”, judges Colorfulthe Afflecks Destination which aptly sums up The Poor crossed not only the depth of the Valleys, but, at the same time, a Vicious circle, in which also nothing, quite important. We hope that at least no more in a cul-de-sac is.

His Colleague Martin Semmelrogge says The woman in the Mirror meanwhile: “I often have a Tupperware box with Food for the bad Times.” He is smart, but in case of long periods of Crown and with big Waves Teufelskreisen is not enough. After all, it is Semmelrogge happy to come to your Wife, who once in the Theatre he met: “And it was directly a Sympathy because, a Power that has no equal, in any way, Bong fact.” This is interesting: In the case of Klaus Location, it is a Zoom, in the case of others only a Click or Bumm and in Semmelrogge a Noise like the Name of a water pipe. Fits, but in the case of the Actor, in the long run, a certain Tendency to Drink showed, not bad.

Nothing good for the apostate Prince Harry is set according to Echo of the Woman-The reader or the Reader of “J. H. Sh.” his Wife: “In Photos Meghan in all parts the Sign of Victory (a Sign of Victory, Obs. d. Network.). Harry is in great Danger and needs Help.” Reckless of Meghan, to betray; maybe soon they prefer less verfängliches Characters such as “Thumbs up” or a Diamond.

Current-Reader Helga Bormann of Erfurt, in turn, shoot, Sylvie Meis, “What has this Woman who has already done it? That, to us, very often, always new Men present, dressed in their most only in a Bikini?” The here, we have to agree, also it must be not really: The Man may, prior to the Filing of yes, really, something of bank.