plus-size model in Rome Pendzhiev showed candid photos in bikini


Ex-member show “Dom-2” has indulged fans of their forms in a swimsuit and encouraged to relax.

Star telestroke Rome Pendzhiev often fascinates its users flaming shots, do not hesitate to magnificent forms. Moreover, it is urged to do this and his fans, regularly posting pictures in bathing suits. Among them was made in front of the mirror. In the frame on the girl black skinny bottoms, rain top and white flip flops. Apparently, captured Rome itself, before heading to the beach.

In the caption to the picture Pendzhiev calls to love your body the way it is:

“Relax, accept and enjoy — and this transformation”.

Recently a former member of telestroke travels extensively and talks about the rest, even prepared your tour in the Egyptian Sharm El-Sheikh. On holiday she goes in the company of 10-15 girls, who are now actively looking for.

“Represent the views of Egyptian men,” admired by fans and was waiting for a new beach photos.

“Rimula – beauty, charm, figurine, just the fire,” wrote fans.

“The main thing is how you feel” – supported the fans line of thought Pengawas.

Others were more interested in how the relationship of the participants “House-2” when they leave the gate:

“In Rome, and you and Alena Vodonaevoy friends?”.