PS5 for the price, the Hardware, the Version: All the known information about the Playstation 5


In order to bring the holiday season to the 2020 Sony’s new PS5 is on the market. We have revealed that the Playstation 5, the Hardware and the games that are planned.

  • The The Playstation the 5, to Christmas of 2020 plan.
  • Also, the Sony has the The Next-Generation Console they are not displayed to the Public.
  • Some of the games that are on the PS5 it is already established.

By the end of 2020, which addresses the The Playstation 5 the popular one on the PS4. As for the new console looks like, but it has Sony haven’t cheated on. However, in the video Game industry is anticipating a presentation in the next few weeks. What about the Hardware, price and games at the Beginning of the PS5 it is well-known, we in this article.

When is the Playstation 5?

What is the price of the PS5’s?

When Sony, for the Playstation 5?

The games that are there for the PS5?

The PS5 is backwards compatible?

All of the information about your Hardware, and a DualShock controller for the PS5

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PS5-Release: the time it is ready for you to buy a Playstation 5?

With the Sony, I would like to Playstation 5, just in time for the Christmas business in 2020 in the market. A concrete date is not called, all the the Japanese, though. Because of Sony, but on the basis of the schedule of the Playstation 4, it’s The launch of the PS5 At the end of November, this is a likely scenario. Pre-orders for the Playstation 5 is likely after the official unveiling of the can.

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The price of PS5: How much is the Playstation 5?

The most important of which is the Release date, it’s likely that a lot of Fans The price for the PS5 to be. With this, Sony has not spoken as of yet. The PS4 cost at launch in November 2013, which is about 400 Euros. Later on, the most powerful Pro-PS4, which also comes at a cost of about 400 euros in a row.

Up to now, a lot of people said that the Information on the assumption that the The Playstation 5 will come with a price tag similar to the one in the trade. However, the Sony seems to have problems to keep the production cost below $ 450, I said to the Reporter, in February of 2020, according to the business magazine Bloomberg. So, at a price of up to a maximum of 400 Euros, it seems that, nowadays, it’s not realistic, even if the wii has been sold out in the past, for a Start it is cheaper than the cost of production.

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PS5-introduction: when Sony, for the Playstation 5?

While Microsoft has already released a lot of information about the Xbox Series, X, and appearance, and maintain the Sony’s are covered. According to a lot of rumors to come, when the Japanese PS5 and present it to the Public. Many of the rumours that the date has already passed, and that all the Fans are waiting for the 29th. February, in the year 2020. On this day, the Sony was locked up in New York city for a private appointment. A PS5-up to the event at the end of February of the year 2020-but it seems more and more unlikely. Up to now you have not send an invitation to the press and willingly to New York, and is the least likely to come.

Current rumors and even a live stream of the Sony. The group said past appearances at the PAX East is in Boston the The Game Developer’s Conference in the San Francisco bay area. The reason for this is that the Coronavirus. Surprise Livestream in late-February or early-March, that would be a possible Alternative. So far, alleged pictures of the PS5 to make the rounds on the net.

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The games for the PS5 that These Games have already been confirmed for the Playstation 5

The developers of games for the Sony, it is, of course, a few months ago DevKit for the PS5 it starts, then they will have to Start the console, it already Matches the new Europe. We have collected all the so far confirmed for the games (Stand: 27. February 2020). The suspect in the Games for the PS5 let’s ignore for a moment the outside world.

The Lord of the rings: Gollum



Two thousand twenty-one

The Dying Of The Light 2





Action role-playing game

Counterplay Games, Gearbox Software

By the end of 2020

Gods & Monsters




A Gothic Story


MOVEMENT of the Nordic countries


Marvel’s Avengers


Crystal Dynamics, The Crystal In The West, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix



The shooter

People Can Fly, Square Enix

4. The quarter of the year 2020

Rainbow Six: Siege



4. The quarter of the year 2020

Rainbow Six: Quarantine




Watch Dogs: The Legion*




The PS5 is backwards compatible?

An important question that many PS4 Fans, is this: Can the old Playstation games and also bet on the PS5? Sony’s system architect Mark Cerny, one in April 2019 at the latest, in a conversation with the A new web Portal with a Wired expression. Thus, it should be in the PS5 is backwards compatible for the PS4 to be.

Also, with the VR head in the driver’s seat of a Playstation VR which is a PS5 is compatible. But that’s what it looks like with the old one, PS1, PS2, and PS3 Games? To do this, Sony themselves have not yet expressed an opinion.

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The Hardware on the PS5 is on the Sony’s console

Information about the The Hardware of the Playstation 5 today, on the basis of rumors and Leaks from Sony is not to be spoken of with the specifics. In the following table we have at the moment, the poison of the features of the Hardware on the PS5 collected:


Zen-2 CPU-AMD 8-cores


The custom AMD Radeon RDNA, Navi


Support for 8 –


on the GPU

Hard drive:



4K Blu-Ray support for PS4 games

PS5 Controller, the Playstation 5?

Sony has a new Controller for the PS5. In spite of this, it is the The PS4 Controller the most developed. Innovation should relate to, inter alia, for the Trigger. As long as you both vibrate on the current plans of the console from Sony, the Trigger for the PS5 can offer the pressure of a player in the resistance.

A Patent granted to Sony is also expected that the Playstation 5 will come with a heart rate monitor*. This is supposed to be able to adjust the base to the wrist of the player, the difficulty of the Game, or even make decisions. If it’s a go, but it’s really the Controller for the PS5, it is not known.

The Item 5 it will also be available on the Playstation 4 and it’s compatible with a USB-C connector, to get. Up until now, the Playstation Controller has a Micro-USB port. In addition, it is assumed that the input device for the first time, the wireless can be charged.

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