Sony is planning a PS5-Pro? The rumour talks of the Launch of the 2 models


Supposedly, Sony plans to roll out two-PS5-models.Supposedly, Sony plans to roll out two-PS5-models.

Just heard a rumor from a journalist from a Japanese to a boil again, on the grounds that Sony will be Launching both the PlayStation 5 and the template: Supposedly, the Fans, need to decide by the end of 2020, from a base, and a more powerful Pro model, the PS5.

Behind the PlayStation, the 5-rumor

It is not an official information, you would like the following information, with the utmost of care. Stated to have asked Sony for a Statement.

The Journalist also said that, at the time, exactly? According to the President of Sony’s plane, with the PlayStation 5 and the templates that you want to appear at the same time:

  1. A basic design for the PlayStation 5 to 9 TeraFLOPS
  2. For the model of your PlayStation to 5, to keep up with the Xbox Series of X’s (may 12 TeraFLOPS have been

Microsoft is out of the plane, according to the rumor, it has 12 TeraFLOPs-strong-Xbox-Series-X-a weak performance from the base model to bring the Name of the code to be Distracting).


The TeraFLOPS are, and how they are important to you?

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The TeraFLOPS are, and how they are important to you?


Where is the sound? The Japanese Journalist Zenji Nishikawa spoke to him in September of 2019 at the latest, a Video on Youtube from Sony, as alleged in the 2-Plan model for PS5. The information that he obtained from an inside source at the site of the developer’s fair to CEDC to obtain. His statements have been most Recently in the Forum, neogaf has once again (by another User by the name of VFXVeteran) as posted, so the story is just all the rage.

The source is reliable? Haven’t confirmed the news, it is clear, however, that the Tech-there has been, in the past, several times, with their claims properly, among other things, he spoke before the official announcement of Nintendo’s Change model, the Lite. This is not a guarantee, of course, is that his statements about the PS5 Pro, you need to be.

What is the probability of a Pro in PS5?

It is interesting to note that of the PS5-Pro-model-should be implemented in accordance with the noise over the entire console cycle is about 7 years old. This means that it’s a Mid-Gen would not be excluded from the model. At the least proven of these tactics in the current generation of consoles.

With the PS4 By Sony, brought in the inside of the PS4’s life cycle upgrades to the Hardware, for the rapid development of the technical skills to keep the momentum going and build on the Support 4, and a new set of consumers. The Plan was that ultimately Many of the players recognized the technical advantages of the PS4 and the model has grown, which has led to good sales (and still do). To Launch the publication of the two new models would mean there is a risk, because it could go with a lot of questions, and, possibly, to the confusion of potential buyers of hand-in-hand.

It should prove to be a real rumor, but is it possible that he may one day even provide a three-PS5-models: Basic, PS5 and PS5-Pro-to-Launch, as well as an even more powerful model, which we call the “PS5 Pro 2” that you can show up after a number of years. This is, of course, is pure speculation.

But for the Release, or later, an Upgrade of the Hardware for the PS5 it’s most likely simply because Sony has already announced that the P The S4 Pro is a useful test for the PS5 it was.

When is the PS5 Release? An official date as of yet. Sony is planning on Launching the console until the end of 2020. All of the above for the official information about the PlayStation 5, you will find it in our extensive List.


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