Svetlana Bondarchuk in her skimpy bikini surprised subscribers a slender figure


Russian model, TV presenter and former wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana Bondarchuk demonstrated in a Instagram picture with her words, she made during interval a diet. “After all that has been eaten for two days”, – has signed a snapshot Bondarchuk. The model wears bikini Nude, her figure can only envy. Svetlana, recall, is 51 years old.

One user was outraged and asked — why this photo Bondarchuk put on the network. “For health. For yourself and for those who are nice and interesting. Another question – why are you here..?” – I found the answer, the presenter.

In the photo responded with some celebrities. “What is lean! The beauty of it,” wrote the actress Evelina Bledans. “Should I?” asked Yana Rudkovskaya. “We have,” wrote in response Bondarchuk. “She asks, the figure is super! Leg — bomb,” – said the journalist Bozena Rynska.

“Very beautiful body”, “Lord, how is this possible at all. Mind-blowing”, – comments this content has left subscribers. Some believe that Bondarchuk diet is not necessary, and she’s slender by nature. And someone even compare her with Jennifer Lopez.

After her divorce from Svetlana Bondarchuk started Dating designer Sergey Kharchenko. At the end of 2019 presenter showed a large ring, hinting at a possible wedding.