The cloud of Indie Games developers criticise Google for the Stadiums


Google’s Cloud Gaming service to the Stadium is one of the 28 games in which he is a majority of the securities in the AAA. For the developers, Unfortunately, the deck wasn’t eye-catching, reported Business Insider after a number of Studios to give an Interview. In addition to this, Google is well-known for its own services, and after a short period of time to notice you again.

Stages (Hands-On) is, since November of last year, as a Cloud of Games, an Alternative to manufacturers such as Nvidia’s GeForce and Now, or in the Shade-active. Unlike these service providers, Google is not only a Hardware Cloud but also functions as an on-site games, which led to the track. On platforms such as Origin, Steam or Uplay purchased securities to be purchased on Google Play, new Stadiums for the full price, and it can only be played in the Stadium.

The range of the today, 28, to Play are primarily in the titles of AAA-Indie-games-are just a few on the shelf. Google itself announced a total of 42 Games, including many non-published games such as Cyberpunk 2077, and in the Condemnation of the count.

Google entices developers with real money

How to Business Insider told him, giving him up to the developers of Indie rock not to mention there was very little financial incentive to publish a game in the Stadium. This page is based on the statements of several of the Studios who did not want to be named.

In a Meeting with the Stadium, the Team had been on the part of Google, there is practically no incentive to come to the platform and reported to a developer. The offer was so low that it is almost irrelevant to the negotiations said, on the part of other Studios. With a formulation that is similar to many of the developers are Indie, so you have Business Insider the express says the report.

Google-cuts-of-service, many,many times,

The developers, however, this is not only a financial support from Google, but also for the safety and security of the Stadiums in Google, the future of long-term maturities. Google is well-known for many of their services to the beat, sometimes only for a short period of time, and even then, if the service is popular and a lot of the user’s account. On the net there are several pages dedicated to the collection of Google’s suite of Apps, products and services, all the Hardware, including, by way of example, in the Google graveyard. It has a total of 198 of the products that Google offers.

A Stadium spokeswoman said that the Publisher and developer, with Google’s regular talking, it would be to support the service, and, with success, do you want to see it. In addition, not all of the Publisher announced the games in the Stadiums – the Details are all here. The platform is going to be added in the course of time, more and more games to play.

The stages of the database is still not available

The success of the platform, it is not likely to be useful to you, it is only since the middle of February, the smartphone from Asus, Razer, and Samsung is compatible with the service, after it used to be only for the Google’s Pixel would be used in the devices. Google is the Stadiums, it is available for PC, Mac, TV, and the Chrome is available. Currently, all the Stadiums will be offered exclusively in the paid Pro version for a monthly fee of 9.99 Euros. The stages of the database is planned for the next few months, and is expected to be funded by advertising and is limited to Full HD video at 60 FPS instead of 4K/60 frames per second with HDR.