the subscribers condemned Natalia Rudova too candid bikini


The actress shared with fans a photo from holidays in warmer climes, but some did not appreciate her skimpy bathing suit.

Actress Natalia Rudova published on his page in Instagram photo from holiday in the Maldives. The actress boasted a new gold swimsuit that has caused subscribers a violent reaction.

Rudova congratulated men with February 23 the post with his picture. “Congratulations, boys! Protect us, please. And remember, even the strongest girls in the world, the most fragile beings,” wrote the actress on his blog. The picture shows the actress posing against the backdrop of lush tropical vegetation. Rudova is dressed in a very skimpy Golden bikini.

This swimsuit was the reason for the violent reaction of some users of the social network. Subscribers are outraged by the size of the bikini, which opened view of almost the entire figure of the actress. In the comments some Internet users suggested posing without a swimsuit, because the effect of the outfit tends to zero. “But one weak?”, “Why not completely bare, the holiday”, “a couple of years and we’ll see stars wearing swimsuits”, “Hey, I already don’t have one?”, “You have to get naked to congratulate?” — asked followers.

Most liked that you can see the figure of Employment almost without a hitch, and the figure they estimated high. “You are gorgeous”, “Class, what’s the skinny”, “chic As always” — admired by the fans.

Some wondered why the actress is still not married. One of the fans said that before Employment simply has not “jumped the Prince”.