The Update to 8.0 “Idler 2.0” and its expansion “Warlords of New York, and is distributed


On the Server of Division 2 of the major Upgrade to 8.0, and the extent of Division 2: The lords of war in New York city. The Update enhances the “Energy Level” to a “Gear Score”, 515, and a review of the System drops. “Idler 2.0” in the raw bonus to the Set, the Sets and the Exotic, brings us back to the “God of Roll” Course you can, the maximum value of all the attributes), provided for the fr, and the key attributes for all the objects, and improves the user interface and the Quality of an object, the easier to detect. He will also give you more talents, and that they have a fundamental influence on the style of the game. “The ability to be Able to” shall be replaced by the (three) “the Ability of the Layers. In the Dark Areas, you will demnchst only the amount of experience on the part of the player-to-player interactions, the success of the evacuation and pick-up of goods. The change Log can be found here.

The extent of Division 2: The lords of war, from New York city to work on the PC after the maintenance Update (8.1) that are available to you. The Original sensitive target 12:00 hrs. From then on, the two sometimes 30 minutes, Verl Gert. In the console, it’s in New York city, after midnight, from Monday to Tuesday, it is possible to pay a visit to.

Downloadgren: Upgrade from Version 7 to the current version that is on the PC (approx. 42 GB on PS4 for about 14, up to 16 GB, and the Xbox One is 60 GB big. After you install the game, it is about 75 to 80 GB of storage it will take up space on your hard drive.
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