They have been on the top of Smartphone sales by 2019


The Smartphone has sold in the past year, it’s the best? The analysis firm Canalys has published a list of the top 10 best-selling devices. The winner is a surprise.

The economic race between the manufacturers of Smartphones are expected this year, due to the Crown, and the US bans Huawei and more exciting than the usual. However, as in previous years, Samsung is going to sell for a total of, probably, the majority of the smart phones. Unless, of course, is the case when it comes to the models that have been most successful. Looking back, it’s up to the year 2019 at the latest, there’s another one that come in the Box.

The first two top places to go to according to the Canalys analysis, that of a large Corporation in Cupertino, california, and their cheapest models iPhone on / off the iPhone, for 11. The only one with a clear distance of three-a cheap device from Samsung, and then follow the The Galaxy 10, A50 and the A20. In the sixth place, the first – and only – land model of the mobile phone in chinese, and the Redmi Note-7 the Xiaomi has. Huawei has not managed accordingly, over the past year, the Top 10 list – the one that is likely to be, Substantially to the fault of the US ban.

The other five times in the Top-10 list represented

The positions of the seven-to-nine, with iPhone, with 8, iPhone 11, Pro and the iPhone 7 in Apple’s Side in tenth place in the flagship device of Samsung, then, finally, the Galaxy-S-10+.

What is interesting about the results is that on the iPhone, to 11 by 2019 was sold, almost exclusively, in the last quarter of the year, but are still significantly more likely to be re-sold for any individual Android model. The competition, Samsung-Galaxy-S-10+, it was at the end of March 2019 is available, but was only able to get the tenth place. The iPhone’s on / off came out in the year 2018, which can be purchased throughout the year.

    (Source: Statista) (Source: Statista)

According to market research firm IDC, Samsung has been in the past year, with a market share of 21.6 per cent of the world’s top-of – the- seat, in spite of the war between the united states and China’s Huawei. With a 17.6% share of the global sales of Smartphones, the Chinese company is also clearly ahead of Apple (By 13.9%), Xiaomi (9.2%) and the Oppo (8.3 per cent).