TOP 7 questions to the gynecologist, on which women are afraid to ask the doctor


Each girl visits the gynecologist annually to check your health. But even in the doctor’s office, many are hesitant to ask questions that plagued them for years.

In this article we will give answers to them. Whether the child is similar to the first sexual partner? Is it possible to shave the hair in the bikini area? To these and other questions were answered by an obstetrician-gynecologist Veronika Gavrilova.



In the Network there is a myth that baby girls is sure to be similar to the first sexual partner. This topic is discussed on the forums, and the number of comment records.

According to the doctor, this is an absolute fiction. The only option when this is possible – if the biological father of the baby will resemble the first man his lady.

Shaving the bikini area

To remove hair in the bikini area? This issue is also of concern to many women. For fear of sounding stupid, it is not hesitant to ask the gynecologist directly.

Hair during urination and secretions will hold bacteria. And it is fraught with inflammations. To observe the intimate hygiene means not only to wash but to remove pubic hair. According to the doctor, it should be done mandatory for every woman.

The sound from the vagina

During sex a woman’s vagina can produce sounds that scare men. This even writing jokes, doing memes. But women are sensitive to such humor. If they find themselves in a similar situation, you can’t hide embarrassment. Some even have complexes.

According to the doctor, the sounds appear in certain poses. And all because during intercourse, the vagina can enter the air. This is normal. Partner should not pay attention to it.

Pregnancy during menstruation

Getting pregnant during the critical days of may. If the second ovary will develop the dominant follicle, there will be conception. Therefore, even during menstruation is protected.

Pregnancy test

A pregnancy test is an accurate indicator of your “interesting situation”. But sometimes it may be defective. Also pregnancy is not shown in the early stages. There are other reasons to test pregnant woman sees only one band.

According to the doctor, it is best during the delay to go to the gynecologist. Only after a blood test, ultrasound, you learn you’re pregnant.

Pain during sex

Pain during sex is a signal for a trip to the doctor. If all diseases are eliminated, the partners simply need to choose a different pose. Lovemaking should not bring discomfort.

Allergic to condoms girls

The girls often are allergic to latex – the material used to make condoms. What to do in this case?

This you can see in the video, which was prepared for readers of the journalists of the portal “Banowati”. In it the doctor more answers all the questions that were described above.

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